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Combat debuff

While being in combat is normal it's good to realize that in some cases it's more beneficial to avoid being in combat. In combat your character moves slower, can't change skills or traits, gets cooldown on weapon swap, doesn't regenerate health automatically, revives people slower and prevents everyone using a waypoint.

The most important case is skipping. Faster you move, less time you spend near enemies. If someone gets in trouble if you are out of combat you can revive him faster or even change skills to help him better.

However getting out of combat is very useful in boss fights when things go wrong. If your health gets low you only need few seconds out of combat to regenerate back to full. If someone gets defeated it's much faster to resurrect him while out of combat. If everyone else dies they can resurrect themselves at a waypoint if you are out of combat while holding the boss aggro.

To get out of combat during a fight you need to have no conditions and get far enough from the enemy. Use mobility skills to save time and to break boss aggro.


Every dungeon path contains one or more NPCs which follow you around. They are quite tanky but deal extremely low damage so they aren't very useful unless soloing. However they are still very important because they are needed to trigger events which allow you to proceed. You may get stuck if NPC is dead or missing at some specific moments. Try to keep them alive and with you so you don't have to restart the dungeon.

Normally NPCs follow someone by walking which can either put them in danger or slow the run down. If all players are too far the NPC will teleport to one player instead of walking. This can be abused by having some people waypoint in some situations. For example in CoF path 2 this trick can be used to make Magg safely teleport over the lava field.


This Video tutorial explains the concept and shows lots of examples where it happens.

Some enemies get a scripted order "Move to target" or "Move to location". These can be triggered by reaching a certain location or starting an event. Orders break when enemies are aggroed or when their reach their location.

The most important part is that order "Move to target" ignores stealth. This means enemies may follow stealthed players very far even if they don't aggro them. This makes stealth pointless because you often have to kill the enemies.

However this can be prevented with a little practice and coordination. If enemies follow you while stealthed you should simply stop. Once they reach your location, their order expires and you are free to move. Shadow Refuge is the best skill for this because it forces you to stand still and ensures the stealth won't run out.

Technically enemies only lock to a one target. So in coordinated teams only one player has to wait, assuming you know who is the target. The order gets overriden by another within a short time so when moving as a group the last person gets targeted.

Moving fast, moving to unreachable location or waypointing may break the order. However it may also teleport enemies to your location. Exact mechanics are unknown and seem to vary with different enemies and locations.

When an order expires, enemy will be parked at its current location. This allows you to manipulate enemy positioning in some cases. Keep in mind that enemies may return to their initial location after a long time.

Example of pathing different enemies in The Ruined City of Arah.