Caudecus's Manor Story: Attend the party

Level: 40.

Reward: 0.26 g.

Average length: 20 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy.

Enemies: Outlaw.

Time: Day.

Use Potion of Outlaw Slaying, Sigil of Force and Sigil of Frailty.


Current record: 5.

Use Sigil of Justice instead of Frailty.

First run per character gives a level 40 rare head armor.

First run per day gives 26 silvers.

The party

Talk to the party guests to fill the progress bar. Try to choose the correct option to fill the progress bar faster. There is no penalty for choosing the wrong option because you can retry in 15 seconds. Talk to other guests while waiting.

When the event is done, talk to Logan. Prototype Golem appears after some dialogue so be ready.

The correct options never change so you can memorize them. Choose the listed option for quickest progress:

Zojja: 2nd option.

Phlunt: 2nd option.

Mia: 1st option.

Sigfast: 3rd option.

Servant (west): 3rd option.

Dagonet: 3rd option.

Servant(adjacent to Dagonet): 3rd option.

Servant(east) 1st option.

Prototype Golem

Try to break his defiance for a damage boost but don't rely on it too much because control works inconsistently. He has 3 main attacks; Laser, Pull and Fire Spin. Sometimes he also uses Dual Rockets for a massive damage.

Laser is used when he moves his arms behind his back. He will shoot a beam at one target for about 3 seconds. It only causes vulnerability so don't panic when you get targeted. Be ready to dodge when it ends because he will shoot a rocket which deals high area damage. Alternatively you can seek cover behind obstacles but keep the blast radius in mind.

Pull is used when he points his right arm at you. He will shoot a fast projectile at one target which pulls the target towards him. This is not dangerous because he doesn't have any follow up attacks. However you will lose damage output by getting briefly disabled so try to dodge it. He has a poor aim so instead of dodging you can easily avoid the attack by zig-zagging. This works even at close range.

Fire Spin is used when he spreads his arms. He will spin in place and shoot flames around him in short range. The attack deals moderate damage so watch out if you aren't tanky. Try to break the defiance to stop the attack.

Dual Rockets are used when he moves his right arm behind his back. The animation can be hard to see so focus on looking at rockets. Be ready to dodge if you suddenly see two rockets in the air. He doesn't use this attack often so try to kill him quickly.

Try to stay behind his back at all times. Be ready to dodge when he turns towards you because he will probably attack you next.

Run a bit away from him if you have low health and he is using Laser on you. This gives you more time to dodge the rocket.

Stay at range so you don't have care about Fire Spin. Move away from him if you get pulled in.

Try to spread a bit so it's easier see when he is attacking you and to avoid area damage from rockets.

Stack might and fury while waiting for him to appear. Break the defiance immediately (some control skills don't work?) to burst him down.

It doesn't matter much if you fail to burst him because he isn't very dangerous.

Way to Door Guard

Get inside the house and follow the shining path. Door Guard turns aggressive about 7 seconds after Logan reaches him so be ready.

Door Guard

Door Guard has 2 high damage melee attacks; Slash and Spin. Both attacks have a surprisingly high range so watch out.

Slash is his basic melee attack which deals moderage damage. It also sometimes deals bleeding.

Spin is used when he glows. He will stand still and hit multiple times over several seconds for a high damage. He will rotate towards his main target during the attack. If he is facing you then dodge directly away from him and wait until the attack ends. Don't move around so you don't turn him towards other players. If he is not facing you then just dodge behind his back and keep attacking him.

You can't melee him safely because his attacks have a 260 range. Try to stay behind his back to avoid most hits. If you being targeted then stay still and only dodge directly away from him.

Keep some distance at all times so he can't hit you. Jump over some furniture if you get in bad spot.

Stack might and fury while waiting for him to turn aggressive. Break the defiance immediately to burst him down.

You can stand on the statue to his left (next to the curved stairs case) and use range attacks from safety, without making him reset.

If you fail to burst him down then be ready to dodge when he uses Spin.


Don't rush in to the next room after Door Guard because you will get ambushed by lots of enemies. They are much easier to kill if you ambush them instead. The idea is to enter the room, trigger the ambush and then run back so the enemies have to come to you.

The best way to do this is to stack near the doorway or behind the door?. One player should enter and immediately fall back when hearing dialogue. Melee and area attacks can hit enemies through walls so position yourself properly and keep attacking the air until all enemies are dead. Use blind and projectile defenses to reduce damage taken.

If you don't wish to stack you can also just enter the room together because the enemies aren't that dangerous.

Quickly stack might and fury if needed. Enter the room together and focus elite enemies with area attacks to also kill normal enemies. Use blind and reflects to reduce damage taken and kill Snipers.

The 3 elites can be pulled out of the room with a long range attack without triggering the ambush. However they will respawn when the ambush is triggered.

The 3 elites can be pulled out of the room with a long range attack without triggering the ambush. To prevent them from respawning, the ambush must be triggered before they die so try to damage them evenly. Trigger the ambush when elite enemies have about 20% health left.


The first room has a Bomber, 2 Fighters and a Sniper. Hug the right side of the opening leading to them and attack them as they turn the corner. Use projectile defenses to block the sniper and bomber. Try to keep blinds on the fighters.

The second hoom has a Separatist Fighter and 2 Fighters. They will turn hostile about 6 seconds after the dialogue starts. All 3 enemies can kick for a knockback which has a higher range than their normal attack. They may also cripple with their daggers. Stay at range to avoid most damage.

Go down the stairs, turn left and hug the furthest walls from the elites as you move towards Fighter.

During the fight dodge towards the walls next to the champion. Otherwise the enemies from the previous room may aggro if you get too close.

Stealth at the bottom of the stairs and move straight toward the elites until they begin pathing. Wait until they stop moving and then run to the champion. Alternatively you can just run to the champion and kill following enemies during the dialogue.

Stack might and fury during the dialogue. Break her defiance and burst her down.

After killing all enemies the event may be stuck at 2/3 separatists killed and you can't push the secret button.

The champion may be in some other area. Search the initial area where you killed Prototype Golem and the basement.

Separatist Lieutenant (Sword)

Lieutenant will turn hostile when you get within ~1000 range. He has 4 attacks; Slash, Ambush, Cyclone Axe and Envenom.

Slash is his basic melee attack chain which deals low damage so you don't have to care about it.

Ambush is used when he glows and leans back. After few seconds he will leap at his target dealing moderate damage. If the leap hits he will do a follow-up attack with multiple hits in a row for a high damage. It's important to evade or block the leap to avoid the follow-up attack.

Cyclone Axe is used when he holds his glowing right arm behind his back. After few seconds he will spin in place which deals moderate damage to every target around him. You can just move away from him or dodge through him after a second.

Envenom is used when he raises his arms with a green ball between them. This causes his attacks to deal poison which slightly increases his damage output.

He is easy to melee because his stronger attacks have clear animations. Be ready to dodge when you see him glowing. You can move a bit away from him to give more time to react.

He has only melee attacks so just keep some distance. Be ready dodge when he is using Ambush.

Get closer until he turns hostile and then stack might and fury if needed. Break the defiance to burst him down.

Reviving Sigfast

The first room has a Separatist Lieutenant (Rifle), a Sniper and a Fighter. Lieutenant shoots fast projectiles so use projectile defense if you have any. Use area attacks to take down elite enemies while focusing the lieutenant. Use blind against elite enemies to reduce pressure.

The second room has a Separatist Fighter, 3 Fighters and a sleeping Sigfast. Use blind to reduce pressure.

Once enemies are dead, 3 Fighters and a Separatist Lieutenant (Rifle) spawns in the left tunnel. Break the line of sight to pull them together for more effective area damage and control.

Stack might and fury if needed. Don't bother pulling enemies. Just break the defiance and burst enemies down.

If you approach the gate to the next area the Fighter and 2 Fighters beyond the gate will teleport to you.

Outside area

There are lots of enemies so don't rush in. After the gate there are a Fighter and 2 Fighters. Try to pull them inside to avoid aggroing patrolling enemies.

Two groups of Hunting Dogs are patrolling the road. About halfway of the road there are treehouses with 3 Snipers and lots of other enemies.

It's safer to wait for patrols to get closer because snipers have a surprisingly high range. If you go too far they will start shooting at making the fight much harder unless you have projectile defenses.

Hunting dogs inflict a long lasting fear with their Howl. Take lots of stability, stun breaks or instant condition cleanse to prevent getting disabled for a very long time.

Once patrols are killed take a look at where snipers are located. Snipers can't move so you can use terrain against them. Rush towards the first tree and stay behind it or stairs while you kill the other enemies.

Keep in mind that this part can be really chaotic. If you are struggling call targets and try get at least one enemy down befoure you get defeated. With a good team just focus the champion.

Skipping all enemies is very difficulty, especially without stealth. Kill the enemies after the gate to give you more space.

If you have stealth you can use it to avoid patrols. If not, wait until they move away. Hug left wall until you get to the trees. Run below the first sniper and use area attacks to clear all enemies. Then finish remaining snipers.

Run along the rocks and go past the second group of dogs. Keep dodging while you go through them to avoid damage and fear?. Run until they stop following.

Stealth immediately once Sigfast is saved because the first enemy group will rush in. Wait until they reach you so they stop pathing. Keep stealth up to skip patrols safely.

Focus snipers down one by one with area attacks to also clear other enemies. Use projectile defenses to reduce pressure.

Jump over the rocks or stealth to skip the second patrol.

The snipers can't move which allows you to place AoEs under them without being attacked.

Separatist Captain DeLana

DeLana and other enemies are initially friendly. When you reach Queen Jennah they will turn hostile in about 7 seconds.

Use area attacks and projectile defenses.

Stack might and fury during the dialogue. Break the defiance to burst Separatist Captain DeLana down.

Separatist Captain DeLana has only projectile attacks and Queen Jennah has a permanent reflective shield. You can simply stand inside the shield to stay unharmed. You don't even have to participate in the battle because DeLana will eventually die to her own attacks.

Also DeLana can't move so you can easily abuse nearby terrain to heal up if needed.