Citadel of Flame Path 1: Destroy the superweapon

Level: 75.

Reward: 0.61 g + 100 tokens.

Average length: 8 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy.

Enemies: Flame Legion.

Time: Night.

Use Potion of Flame Legion Slaying, Sigil of the Night and Sigil of Force.

Video guide (Banter Bill).

Current record: 19.

Use Sigil of Smothering instead of Force.

First run per day gives 61 silvers and 100 tokens, Flame Legion Charr Carvings. Next runs give only 26 silvers and 20 tokens. Tokens can be Converted to gold.

Every run gives 23% experience towards your next level and 30 Empyreal Fragments.

There is a high chance to get Charred Back Warmer, Flame Legion Ritual Book or Wildfire Talisman from enemies and chests. All can be traded but aren't valuable.

There is a very low chance to get an account bound Recipe: Ashes of the Effigy from the final chest. The recipe allows you to craft Ashes of the Effigy which gives no extra gold return for your tokens.



If the entrance to the dungeon is closed, you need to open it by doing an event called The Battle for the Flame Citadel and Senecus Castrum. Alternatively you can leave party and try relogging until you get to another instance.

Talk to Explorer Mallon to start the dungeon.

Run to Soldier Ista Fuseclaw to choose a path. After the path is chosen, you will have to run Crusader Ferrah and Scholar Magg up to the gate.

Use swiftness on Crusader Ferrah and Scholar Magg to speed up the run.

Immediately end the cutscene while running to Soldier Ista Fuseclaw, quickly talk to Crusader Ferrah before other members end their cutscenes.

Talk to Soldier Ista Fuseclaw but don't choose a path just yet. Run all the way to the gate then select path 1. This will make Crusader Ferrah teleport up, skipping the run.


After the gate you will face 2 Flame Legion Turrets and 2 Godforged Fanatics. Turrets cast fireballs which can be dodged or reflected.

If you kill the initial enemies really fast (less than 9 seconds), Ferrah won't do her dialogue and the Slave Driver won't activate.

Into the Void at one end of the turret to gather the Fanatics together so aoes can hit both Fanatics and turrets.

Wall of Reflection will help to protect the team from turrets.

Smoke screen will negate damage from turrets and blinds negate damage from Fanatics.

Slave Driver

Nearby Flame Legion Effigy wakes up after 10 seconds and keeps respawning if killed. Just focus on the Slave Driver.

It is recommended for the group to stack might before the fight, and use the highest burst damage available to quickly kill the Slave Driver.

He isn't very dangerous but does some damage at melee-range so you can kite him around while dodging fireballs thrown by the Effigy.


Before the bridge there are Flame Legion Stalker and Godforged Fanatic. On the bridge there are Blacklan Firetooth and 2 Flame Legion Stalkers. After the bridge there are 2 Flame Legion Turrets and 2 Godforged Flamecallers.

All of the enemies are often skipped (poor rewards). Dodge at Flame Turrets to avoid most of the damage.

If you want to experience secret boss event you should jump down using Ledges. You will end up in a canyon filled with Red Oozes. Go uphill until you reach Ooze King and Ooze Queen.

The King glows and then bounces 3 times causing lots of damage and a launch making him more much more dangerous. Focus him down while blocking/evading his bounces. Don't stand near any ledges so you don't fall down. Once he reaches 50% he will disappear. Then proceed to kill Queen who immobilizes and does some AoE damage. Once they both are dead they reappear as United Ooze.

The United Ooze has the same attacks as King and Queen and he also spawns normal Oozes.

Saving the engineer, Acolytes

The goal is to kill the four respawning (40 s) Flame Legion Acolytes for a total of 10 until the timer (very long) runs out. There are six respawning Flame Legion and some normals.

Focus Acolytes. Run away from enemies while waiting for respawn. You can either run to the back behind braziers or to the right. Few enemies may follow but shouldn't be too hard to manage.

Immediately spike Acolytes down when they respawn and run back to safe spots. Repeat until 10 acolytes have been slain.

Use Eviscerate to one-hit an Acolyte if you are using a high damage build.

In a high damage build, use Phantasmal Swordsman and Blurred Frenzy. After the phantasm has hit the acolyte, shatter.

If using Greatsword in a high damage build, use Symbol of Wrath followed by Whirling Wrath. If using one hand weapons, Shield of Wrath or Zealot's Fire will provide high burst.

Cloak and Dagger then Backstab to burst Acolyte.

Using Hunter's Call then Path of Scars should kill an Acolyte at range using a high damage build.

A physical damage build should use put down a Well of Suffering followed by Reaper's Touch to burst down an acolyte.

Arcane wave, arcane blast and arcane power with combination of Scepter fire skills will guarantee a quick kill.

Jump shot followed by Grenade Barrage will burst down an acolyte in a high damage build.


Flaming Boulders

You need to get 3 flames past Boulders and put them on pedestals (be quick they won't last long).

Don't mindlessly rush in. Look for a good moment and dodge if needed (a bit risky but better than dying).

Use Blink to get past Boulders before they even appear and Portal your team over them.

You can solo this part with Shadow Trap, Shadowstep and Steal as seen on this Video.

Use Shadow Trap at the start, deliver a flame and then destroy the trap to teleport to the start. Take another one, use Shadowstep to teleport over boulders, deliver the flame and again teleport back to the start. Pick the last flame, use Steal on a boulder and quickly activate the last pedestal.


Gate and four braziers

4 players need to stand close to braziers to open the gate and make Gate Lock vulnerable. Last player (with good DPS) destroys the Lock which is guarded by 1 Godforged Hellstorm.

While each brazier is activated, few Normal Flame Legion enemies constantly respawn. They are very easy to deal with as long as you can do damage.

Ice Storm (Frost Bow) is extremely effective against Lock.

To quickly destroy the Lock use Steal to jump in then Haste, Cloak and Dagger, Backstab, some normal hits and finish with Heartseeker.

Flesh Golem's charge is very effective against the Lock.


Searing Effigy

Very easy to kill as long as you stay close (he has a powerful ranged attack).

He summons Searing Crystal which give him regeneration. You can use poison if you have easy access to it but keep in mind that Crystals won't make much difference so don't try to hunt them down. However, the crystals can be used to rally.

The Effigy will cast a large aoe that inflicts a long burn on you. Dodge after counting 1,2 when you see the circle appear to avoid damage.

He will summon a fire storm when he only raises his hand. Avoid these circles when they spawn to not get launched (dodge or use stability if needed).

When he raise his right arm and smashes the ground he will shoot purple projectiles which knocks you down. Flame Burst can be reflected or absorbed. Keep stun breakers or stability if you make a mistake.

Do not tank his flamethrower attack, side step to avoid damage.

There is a very low chance to get an account bound Recipe: Ashes of the Effigy from the final chest. The recipe allows you to craft Ashes of the Effigy which gives no extra gold return for your tokens.

Feedback when he raises his hand to reflect back the damage. This may take practice as animation may seem similar to fire storm. Other projectile reflection such as Phantasmal Warden or Into the Void will work too.

Wall of reflection will reflect Flame Bursts. Try to keep aegis up on teammates to negate damage.