Current record: 90.


Adrenaline Rush: Enemies become enraged for a time when they're low on health.

Enemies get Enraged buff when below 10% health. The buff increases damage by 200% making most attacks dangerous.

Finish off any low health targets quickly so you don't get bursted down. Consider playing bit more passively against bosses.

Mists Convergence: The Fractals of the Mists are blurring together…

Causes random effects near the players. Effects include the Mossman, Champion Rabbit, Veteran Jade Maw Tentacle, an air strike from Skyhammer and a cannon assault from Mai Trin.

Social Awkwardness: Nearby allies receive agony while you are fighting opponents.

Don't stack as a full group. 4 stacks of agony kills you in 25 seconds even with a max agony resist. If you don't have max agony resist stay away from everyone else. Reviving also doesn't work very well.