Enemies: Sons of Svanir and icebrood.

Time: Night.

Use Potion of Sons of Svanir Slaying, Sigil of the Night and Sigil of Force.

Video guide by [KING].

Current record: 59.

Against Shaman Lornarr Dragonseeker, use Sigil of Wrath instead of Force.



Ice wall


You start in a cave with a lit bonfire. Lit bonfires provide Warmth which removes and gives immunity against Hypothermia. Without Warmth, a stack of Hypothermia is inflicted every 5 seconds. Each stack deals 54 damage per second so it's only dangerous when you reach about 10 stacks. Keep an eye on your stacks and get near a bonfire once in a while.

After exiting the cave, there is a big bonfire and an ice wall behind it. There are also two respawning groups of a Wolf and 3 Wolves which should be ignored. Your objective is to keep the bonfire lit so that it can melt the ice wall. The bonfire has a health bar which represents how much firewood it has left. Initially the bonfire has 50% health.

Start the event by litting the bonfire with your special action key. This causes 2 things. Both the icewall and the bonfire start slowly losing health immediately. After a few seconds, firewood and enemies start spawning all over the area. You must keep up the fire by collecting firewood to the bonfire. Firewood can be either put with interaction key (F) or thrown with the first skill. Second skill should be used on cooldown to give you swiftness.

Enemies consist of previouly mentioned wolves, 2 groups of Svanir and an occasional a Icebrood Elemental. One group has a Son of Svanir (Bow) and 3 random Svanirs and the other group has a Son of Svanir (Greatsword) and 3 random Svanirs. Group respawns about 45 s after being fully defeated excluding igniting the bonfire which respawns missing enemies for one group. This means you can keep veterans alive to prevent normal Svanir from appearing but on the other hand, killing them gives some loot.

Whenever the ice wall has lost about 20% health, an Icebrood Elemental appears. It will slowly move towards the bonfire and remove about 15% of its health unless you kill it before it gets there. Focus on keeping the fire up by killing Elementals and gathering firewood. Consider taking some defensive skills to survive better.

This all may sound like a lots of pressure but there is really no rush. If the bonfire goes down you just gather some wood and lit it up again without resetting the progress. You can always run back to to the first bonfire or even wipe if things get too cold.

Once the wall melts all enemies disappear and you should regroup at the bonfire to remove Hypothermia.

Elemental Source


After crossing the bridge you will get to a round area with 5 small bonfires and a big Elemental Source on the middle. Source will start a snowstorm which severely reduces your vision. Take a look at the minimap because if you get lost it's the best way to get anywhere.

Elemental Source has 10 stacks of Rime Shield. Each stack reduces damage taken by 10% so initially he won't take any damage. Litting a bonfire removes 2 stacks and increases your vision so you want to keep them all up. Bonfires slowly lose health when lit and also about 25% whenever the boss loses 25% health.

If all bonfires go down you will get teleported to a random nearby location with your vision severely reduced. However the bonfires reset to 50% health. This gives you two tactics, either you keep them up at all times with firewood or just let them expire.

Keeping bonfires up is recommended because it's less pressure for the party. Designate a fast character to do this so others can just focus on the boss. Runner should keep in mind that one firefood gives 50% health so if all bonfires are in a good shape he can also attack the boss.

Expiring is potentially faster because you will have the whole party attacking the boss most of the time. But you must be able to navigate with the minimap. Bonfires often expire when boss loses 25% health so pay attention to his health.

Elemental Source has 4 attacks; Frost Bloom, Wind Gust, Icible Bolt and Lightning Strike.

Frost Bloom is his basic attack which he uses all the time. The attack shoots a projectile in every direction dealing some damage, 2 s of chilled and Hypothermia. The projectiles always spawn at the same location and don't hit at melee range so you can completely avoid them by a proper positioning.

Lightning Strike has no animation and causes ~5 delayed AoEs. Each explosion deals very low damage and Hypothermia so only dodge if you don't have Warmth and multiple AoEs are overlapping on you.

Icible Bolt is a passive effect which causes ice shards spin around the outer area. Bolts deal very low damage but cause 5 s of chilled so stay near middle to avoid a very long duration of chilled.

Wind Gust is used whenever he has lost 25% health. The attack causes a delayed AoE on each bonfire causing low damage and launch so dodge out. The attack also removes 25% of bonfires' health and spawns 3/4/5 random Svanir enemies (normal or veteran). You should ignore them unless you start taking too much damage.

Pretty much the only way to wipe is at every 25% health if all bonfires go down while players have lots of Hypothermia and start panicking. Keep in mind that you can always fallback to the previous bonfire without the boss reseting. However he will reset if you wipe.

Use Smoke Screen to block ranged attacks from Svanir.

Use Meteor Shower, Firestorm or Ice Storm to do lots of damage.

Use Into the Void to pull Svanir enemies to Source so you can kill them with area attacks.



The forest contains 6 enemy patrols totaling 8 Wolves, 4 Sons of Svanir (Greatsword), 2 Sons of Svanir (Axe), 2 Sons of Svanir (Bow), a Son of Svanir (Hammer) and a Son of Svanir (Staff).

At lower levels you can kill them for loot but they are often skipped though so be ready. Enemies move a lot so be ready to fight multiple patrol at the same time. Run into the cave and wait at the totem for rest of your team. The way gets blocked when someone engages the boss in the next room. You can use the totem to get in.

It's possible to get stuck when the way gets blocked so one player should enter while rest of the team uses the totem to get in.

The forest contains 6 enemy patrols totaling 8 Wolves, 4 Sons of Svanir (Greatsword), 2 Sons of Svanir (Axe), 2 Sons of Svanir (Bow), a Son of Svanir (Hammer) and a Son of Svanir (Staff).

Use mobility skills and condition removal to get through the forest. In a more coordinated group, you can also use stealth. Pay attention to your surroundings because enemies move a lot. If you die wait until someone gets to the end so you can resurrect at the checkpoint. Run into the cave and wait at the totem for rest of your team. The way gets blocked when someone engages the boss in the next room. You can use the totem to get in.

It's possible to get stuck when the way gets blocked so one player should enter while rest of the team uses the totem to get in.

Shaman Lornarr Dragonseeker


On higher scales, Lornarr starts with 10 stacks of Rime Shield. There are also 3 Corrupted Ice Crystals which shoot projectiles causing low damage and chilled. Stacks are removed by either killing Crystals or Icebrood enemies who fight with him. Focus on killing enemies to get rid of the stacks. On lower scales (4 & 15), Lornarr has no Rime Shield and there are only Icebrood Berserker and Icebrood Mauler with him.

Lornarr has 7 attacks; Strike, Sword Throw, Greatsword Spin, Icy Breath, Ice Spike, Teleport and Bear form.

Strike is his basic melee attack which deals some damage. His other attacks are much more dangerous so don't bother avoiding it.

Greatsword Spin makes him spin in place hitting 6 times around him. Each hit deals 1 x Strike damage so you just move a bit away from him to avoid lots of damage. Keep in mind that if you stand sideways you can hit him with melee attacks while he is spinning without getting hit.

Icy Breath is used when he puts a target marker on someone. He will start breathing ice on a cone hitting 10 times during several seconds. Each hit deals 1 x Strike damage and inflicts Creeping Ice. Creeping Ice is similar to Hypothermia but deals 87 damage per stack and at 10 stacks you will turn into an ice shard which disables you for 10 seconds. This consumes all stacks which can be helpful because the ice shard can be broken easily by your party. Shaman is able to rotate while channeling this so it's important that you dodge directly away from him to prevent all of your party getting hit.

Sword Throw is used on distant targets and makes him throw his sword as a piercing and returning projectile. Each hit deals 2 x Strike damage and inflicts 5 seconds of crippled and chilled. If you stay at range (or when avoiding Icy Breath), be ready dodge this to prevent lots of damage.

Ice Spike is only used on higher scales. He will raise his sword to spawn delayed AoEs around him which deal high damage so dodge out of any red circles.

Teleport is used at 75% health (only higher scales) and at 50% health. He teleports away, turns invulnerable, summons an Icebrood Effigy and starts casting Ice Spikes all around the area in specific patterns. Avoiding them on their own is trivial because you can easily just move out of the AoEs.

Effigy has a basic melee attack and a special PBAoE Glacial Slam attack which turns everyone into an ice shard. Failing to dodge that will make you an easy target for Ice Spikes.

Shaman Lornarr Dragonseeker (Bear)


At 25% health, Lornarr transforms into a bear form, gains 7 stacks of Rime Shield and summons an Icebrood Effigy. Killing the effigy removes the shield so focus the effigy first.

Bear form may feel more intimidating but overall the melee pressure should be about same. His basic melee attack is about 100% stronger but he lacks any special attacks. The only difference is that if you plan to run away from him you must dodge his gap closers or you will get killed.

Lornarr has 3-4 attacks; Swipe, Heavy Swipe, Leaping Maul and maybe also Maul on higher scales.

Swipe is a basic melee attack which deals 1.8 x Strike damage and inflicts 5 s of bleeding. With some sustain you should be able to tank it.

Heavy Swipe is used when he rushes towards his target. At the end of the rush, he deals 3.5 x Strike damage and 3 s knockdown. Be ready to dodge this because at higher scales you will get downed from the follow-up attacks.

Leaping Maul is used when he jumps in the air. The attack deals 2 x Strike damage, 0.5 s daze and 6 s bleeding. Dodge also this if you can but Heavy Swipe is the biggest priority.