Urban Battleground


Enemies: Humans.

Time: Day.

Use Oils or Skale Venom, Sigil of Force and Sigil of Frailty.

Video guide [KING].

Current record: 67.

Use Line of Warding or Ring of Warding when hiding behind corners.

Use Wall of Reflection and Shield of the Avenger against ranged attacks.



Afflicted: Enemies apply random damaging conditions.

If you have trouble, take more condition removal.

Social Awkwardness: Nearby allies receive agony while you are fighting opponents.

Don't stack as a full group. 4 stacks of agony kills you in 25 seconds even with a max agony resist. If you don't have max agony resist stay away from everyone else. Reviving also doesn't work very well.



Monks should be the top priority to focus because they give lots of might to all foes around them. Their basic attack also deals high damage, so keep them blinded and controlled.

Mages are very dangerous and can wipe your entire group unless you know how to counter them. Their most dangerous melee attack, Flame Burst, has a distinct "whoosh" sound. Stay alert when you are close to them and dodge when you hear that sound. When pulling them you should break line sight before your ranged attack hits them, so you don't give them a chance to cast Firestorm at your stacking location.

Warriors deal high damage but attack somewhat slowly, so keep them blinded in order to mitigate their damage. When engaging them be ready to dodge if they Rush towards you to avoid extremely high damage.

Cultists attack quickly so blinds are not very useful, although they do not hurt. Cultists do not deal much damage, and thus should be low on your priority scale.

Ascalonian Archers (Igniter) deal high damage but use only projectiles so use antiprojectile skills against them.

Other enemies such as Fighters, Healers, Assassins, Enchanters or Archers (Condition) are low threat so leave them for last.



You spawn in a tent as a charr so don't be surprised if you look different. You have a group of powerful charr NPCs with you. They are pretty dumb but are very tanky and deal lots of damage so you need to babysit them through. They usually only attack when you do but sometimes engage on their own when something attacks you. After engaged they fight to the death.

The starting area contains lots of enemies from which 2 Cultists (Respawn), 2 Mages (Respawn) and 2 Warriors (Respawn) respawn when killed. If NPCs get in the fight they will either die or get stuck on killing respawning enemies so keep NPCs away from the enemies.

Most groups will immediately turn left and hug the wall until they reach the gate. Turning right is also possible but it's very easy to mess up. Either way, follow your team and don't split up or you risk losing the NPCs.

Before you attack any enemy groups make sure all players and NPCs are with you. The gate has lots of enemies so a reckless frontal assault will get you killed very easily.

Stack stealth and follow the wall on your right side to reach Siegemaster Dulfy very quickly. Make sure everyone is stealthed because if you aggro anything then the npcs will run to the middle which makes you lose a lot of time.

To get the achievement "Out of Cluck" you have to kill every chicken. This requires either lots of unnecessary killing or running around which will slow your team down. Make sure your team is ok with what you are doing. It's unsure which chickens count so better kill them all.

The best way to get the achievement is to specifically create a team for it. On scale 1 you can even solo it quite easily with help of NPCs but additional players make it faster.

NPCs may not appear at any point. Proceed normally since they may appear later.

Siegemaster Dulfy


Dulfy is with 3 Burning Oils, 2 Ballistae, 2 Arrow Carts and a group of Monks. There are also some Arrow Carts on the wall which will keep constantly shooting at you. They are more like a nuisance because their very low damage just keeps you in combat.

Dulfy can't move around so pull Monks away from the gate. You can do this by either using a ranged attack on them or on ballistae. Pull them far enough so you don't get attacked by siege weapons. The easiest way is to stack behind a rock and pull them there. Their attacks may hit NPCs which ensures that they start attacking and also reduces pressure from you.

Use long range attacks to destroy Burning Oils which are located at the top of the gate. They are very dangerous because the dropped boiling oil deals lots of damage. Keep in mind that they don't actually drop the oil. The attack is a ground targeted AoE with a surpisingly high range so be ready to dodge if you suddenly start burning. Don't bother with other siege weapons because Dulfy will just repair them.

Dulfy should be easy to kill once all additional enemies have been killed. She has 6 skills; Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, Fire Shield, Trebuched Shot and Repair. Sever Artery, Gash and Final Thrust are his basic melee attack chain which deals moderate damage and inflicts bleeding. It can be easily tanked with some sustain.

Fire Shield is used when she kneels and hides behind her shield. She will block all attacks and inflict burning on attackers. This is also nothing to worry about. If you get your attacks blocked then just wait for a while until it ends.

Trebuched Shot is a purple projectile? which marks target for a trebuched shot (maybe). It will deal high damage but it's not used very often so you don't have to care about it.

Repair makes her repair nearby ballistae and arrow carts so don't bother killing them until she is dead. ballistae shoot projectile which deal low damage and knock you back. Use anti projectile skills or area stability to protect your party against them.

Once Dulfy is dead, destroy any remaining siege weapons and take down the gate.

Try position yourself behind NPCs so they get hit by ballistae. Try to stay behind Dulfy's back to avoid unnecessary damage.

Ranged is not recommended because you don't have much room to move around. Also when you stay at distance the NPCs may not fight if they decide to follow you.

Don't pull enemies at the gate. Instead one or two players with ranged attacks take down Burning Oils while everyone else focuses Siegemaster Dulfy while using area attacks to take down Monks. Break her defiance once Oils are down to burst her down.

The town


The town is filled with enemy groups. Groups have a different mix of enemies so check out what you are facing to focus accordingly. The town is like a maze because there are multiple possible ways and randomly placed blockades. In practice there are 3 ways; left, middle and right. Similarly there are 3 different entrances to the courtyard.

Take a good look around for any obstacles before you attack any enemy groups. It's pointless to kill enemies if there is an obstacle right behind them.

To utilize NPCs properly you should attempt to pull every enemy group behind a corner. Hitting an enemy causes NPCs to engage and they will usually get enemy aggro. If not, they will take lots of damage from NPCs while running towards you.

An entrance is blocked by a small gate and a Burning Oil on top of it. Left and middle entrances also have a small enemy group nearby. Pull enemies away so you don't have to fight under the Burning Oil. Once enemies are down you can just ignore the Burning Oil and focus the gate.

Stealth past all of the enemies as well as the ballistae. When you reach the entrance to the courtyard, quickly burst it down (without killing the oil), and then stack on the other side of the gate and kill the enemies which guard the gate. For the right side entrance, the enemies will not follow and you will not need to stack on the other side.

Use blinds to protect your team (especially when pulling behind corner).

Use Plague for a mass-blind.

Use Glyph of Storms in earth attunement and Lightning Hammer for mass blinds.



The area is filled with 4 enemy groups and on middle there are multiple Ballistae (Rapid) and Arrow Carts (Strong). Enemy groups contains either Ascalonian Mage, Ascalonian Monks, Ascalonian Archers (Igniter) or Ascalonian Cultists. Additionally each group has ~3 Ascalonian Warriors with them.

To capture the area you have kill the enemy groups. Keep in mind that the area gets captured even with siege weapons so remember to destroy them too. There is a white statue and a tree in the area which can be used to your advantage. They give cover against ballistae and Arrow Carts and can be used to pull enemies close to you or even split them up.

Ballistae have a very long range so stay near back wall while getting behind the cover. If NPCs get hit they may engage on their own. One player should get close to the cover while rest wait behind him with NPCs. If everyone is near the cover NPCs will engage pulled enemies before they reach the cover and very likely engage ballistae after.

If done properly enemies should safely get behind the cover. At this point rest of the team should come in fast to clear them out. If everyone stays in the cover you won't get hit by ballistae or Arrow Carts and NPCs should stay with you. If NPCs run off after enemies go help them. If not, run to the other side without aggroing enemies and repeat the pull.

If NPCs end up dead you have two choices. Either everyone dies and they revive with you or you try to revive them one by one. Dying is usually much faster and simpler as you can just unequip your gear and go die. But if there aren't lots of enemies nearby you can try reviving them. Just keep in mind that after getting up they often just charge to the enemies and get killed really quick.

When all enemies are dead quickly focus down remaining siege weapons before the area gets captured.

If you have trouble killing the enemies you can just pull them out of the area. Split up and pull enemies back while wearing defensive skills. Keep in mind that this will make the last boss slightly harder because you can't run around the area.

If you skipped the town you won't have any NPCs. Use the normal tactic but after clearing a side move to the other side with stealth. Once enemies are cleared focus down siege weapons with help of stability.

Battle Standard is extremely strong because you can resurrect 5 NPCs.

Use "Stand Your Ground!" when pulling to counter ballistae.

Use blinds to protect your team (especially when pulling behind corner).

Use Plague for a mass-blind.

Use Glyph of Storms in earth attunement and Lightning Hammer for mass blinds.

The ritual


Once the area is captured a Flame Legion Shaman appears. You need to protect him from 6 groups of a Ascalonian Cultist and 2 Ascalonian Monks while he does his ritual. Revive any dead NPCs fast before enemies appear. If Shaman dies your team wipes and you have to retry.

Attack groups before they reach Shaman so they don't damage him. Bring lots of damage to kill a group before next one arrives. Captain Ashym will appear and run to the middle once the ritual finishes so be ready.

If you know you will have trouble with the ritual, for example when soloing, don't destroy every Ballista (Rapid). Run back so they target Shaman and knock him back away from the middle. You should ideally leave the Ballista that is nearest to where the shaman runs up alive; if you leave this Ballista alive and fail the event multiple times (resurrecting the shaman after each failure), you will not need to deal with any other enemy groups. If you leave another Ballista alive, you may need to deal with only a single enemy group. You can also achieve the same effect as in the ideal case if you do not kill any of the siege, however, this will make things more difficult when it comes time to fight Captain Ashym.

If you kill enemies too fast they may respawn instantly. This isn't a problem because you can just kill them again.

Captain Ashym


Ashym has 3 phases with increasing difficulty. Initially he starts with a sword and a shield with almost no pressure. At 75% health he will swap to a Staff with an increased damage output. After 25% health he may switch a Fiery Greatsword with a massively increased damage.

With a sword and shield he has 5 skills; Savage Leap, Blinding Blade, Fire Shield, Summon and Aura. The aura gives him a permanent protection and retaliation which can't be removed so condition damage is more effective against him. Also you need some sustain agains the retaliation.

Savage Leap is used when he stops briefly with a yellow glow. He will leap towards a target dealing moderate area damage at the end. The attack can hit like 5 targets so there is a good chance that NPCs get hit instead you. However if you see him leaping towards you then just dodge it.

Blinding Blade is a quick sword strike so it's difficult to avoid. It deals moderate damage and blinds the target. Just pay some attention so you don't use a high damage skill when being blinded.

Fire Shield is used when he kneels. He will take a cover behind his shield blocking all attacks and inflicting burning on attackers. Avoid wasting on your skills if you see him blocking.

Summon is used when he briefly crouches and shouts. This will spawn an Ascalonian Squire which deals moderate melee damage and knocks you back. Ashym's auras also seem to be related to his squire some way. Killing the squire is pointless because he will be resummoned very quickly.

Once he reaches 75% health he will swap to staff. With a staff he has 5 skills; Meteor Shower, Meteor Shower, Flamewall, Summon and Aura. Summon and Aura work exactly same as in the first phase.

Former Meteor Shower is used when he raises his glowing left arm and kneels. The attack causes meteors to drop on a huge red circle. Every meteor is technically a small delayed AoE with a high damage. The best way to avoid this attack is to interrupt it by breaking his defiance. Faster you interrupt it, less meteors will appear. Also as long as NPCs are alive you can stay inside them but keep in mind that they won't last long either. Without NPCs you want to move out of the area as fast as possible. It will be hard to revive you if you get downed inside it.

Latter Meteor Shower is used when he glows and holds the staff forward. The attack causes a small range PBAoE and 0.75 seconds later a high range PBAoE. Each AoE deals moderate damage, burning and agony. It's important to avoid at least one of them. Once you see a small flame bast dodge immediately to avoid the next one. Try to learn the animation so you can use a single dodge to evade both of them. This requires a good timing. Blocks are also useful.

Flamewall is used when he swings and raises his left arm. The attack causes a rectangle shaped ticking AoE at a target. Each tick deals low damage and burning so you can just move out of it. Don't waste dodges or defensive skills against it.

Once he reaches 25% health he may shout "We will never surrender!" and switch to a fiery greatsword. He will have 7 skills; Flame Wave, Flamewave, Firestorm, Fiery Whirl, Rush End, Aura and Rage. The aura no longer gives protection so he will take increased damage during this phase.

Flame Wave is his basic attack and is used when he waves his sword. The attack shoots 4 projectiles in 2.5 seconds. Each hit deals high damage so tanking the full attack probably gets you downed. Use anti projectile skills to save your dodges for other high damaging attacks.

Flamewave is used when he sticks his sword to the ground. The attack causes two melee hits for a moderate damage and a ticking AoE. AoE only deals burning so you don't have to worry about it.

Firestorm is used near instantly. It causes a ticking AoE on the target dealing lots of damage so be ready to dodge out of it at all times.

Fiery Whirl is used when he quickly dashes a long distance while spinning with his sword. The attack hits multiple times and deals massive damage so it will get you downed unless you dodge very fast.

Rush End is used when he runs toward a target. The attack leaves ticking AoEs behind which deal moderate damage per hit. The AoEs may overlap causing lots of damage. Once he reaches his target he will do a melee attack for a massive damage so dodge or block it.

Rage is another aura which gives him might every 3 seconds. After 60 seconds he will have 20 stacks. However you don't have to rush because might stacks barely affect Ashym's high base power.

At the beginning get close to him so NPCs attack him and then back off. Initially he has only melee attacks so you can safely range him. Just pay some attention so you don't use your high damage attacks when he is blocking. Try to aggro the squire by attacking him a few times. Gettimg him off from melee players will help them a lot and you can easily kite him by just moving around.

After 75% health you need to pay attention because his all attacks can hit you. Stay mobile and don't stand in red circles to avoid most of the damage. You don't really have to care about his PBAoE attack because you can easily tank it and it won't even hit you if you are at very high range.

If Ashym switches to the fiery greatsword then you must pay attention. His Flame Wave and Firestorm can hit you from a long distance so be ready to dodge away from him. He can also move very fast with Fiery Whirl and Rush End so being at range gives you more time to react. Move away from him as soon as possible if he gets close.

Focus on reviving other people and try to get out of combat if you get low health.

At the beginning you can safely melee him because of his low damage output and NPCs taking the hits. However unless in a somewhat coordinated group, take a ranged weapon on swap for later phases. Just pay some attention so you don't use your high damage attacks when he is blocking.

After 75% health it gets much harder. Meteors may prevent you from meleeing him so it's important to break the defiance if Ashym channels it over himself. Keep in mind that most melee attacks have an increased range when standing sideways so reposition yourself properly if needed.

The other Meteor Shower attack will hit you twice which deals lots of damage. Try to learn to evade both hits with just one dodge.

If Ashym switches to the fiery greatsword then it will be near impossible to melee him because all his attacks hit very fast and very hard. Break the defiance as soon as you can and then melee him for about 5 seconds.

Try to break the defiance when he is channeling meteor shower so you can keep attacking him. Also break the defiance if he switches to fiery greatsword and burst him down before he kills you. If his defiance is recharging then back off if needed until you can break it.

Area stability or blind is useful to counter the knockback from Squire but not necessary.

Use Battle Standard to revive NPCs and players if needed.

Use Signet of Agility to provide extra dodges to your team.

Take "Retreat!" for an extra Aegis. If Ashym switches to fiery greatsword, consider getting out of combat so you can take Wall of Reflection against Flame Wave.

If Ashym switches to fiery greatsword, consider getting out of combat so you can take Feedback against Flame Wave.