Enemies: Bandits.

Time: Day.

Use Potion of Outlaw Slaying, Sigil of Force and Sigil of Frailty.

Video guide [KING].

Current record: 55.

Use Sigil of Justice instead of Frailty.

Pay extra attention to banner placement when stacking so that people can easily pick the hammer instead of your banners.


Flux Bomb: You are periodically afflicted by the Anomaly's flux bombs.

While in combat, players get randomly marked with flux bombs leaving a damaging AoE behind.


The area is a vertical structure with a giant colossus bound to it with seals. Your goal is to break all of the seals with Cultist Hammer to set him free.

When you move right, there will be a cinematic showing you the hammer surrounded with cultists. Skip it, go there and kill them. You need to take the hammer and turn right again to climb up some desks.

Cultist Hammer

Cultist Hammer is needed to damage and destroy Seals. The death of an enemy you have recently attacked charges skill 4 of the hammer. Skill 4 is used to hit seals. Skill 1 should be used for attacking while skill 3 should be used at ~26 stacks to counter stun. Skill 2 shouldn't be used at all.

Picking up the Hammer deals 30% damage and some conditions based on Hammer Corruption. Wielding the Hammer generates Corruption which gives conditions every 10 stacks, stuns at 30 stacks and downs at 40 stacks.

You need teamwork to move the Hammer efficiently. Pay attention to the player carrying it because the Hammer has to be dropped before 40 stacks. If you don't have any Corruption be ready to pick the Hammer up because without conditions you will quickly heal up. Use area swiftness and mobility skills to move faster while wielding the hammer.

Also pay attention to who has the hammer, corruption stacks, and health when assaulting Seals. Picking up the Hammer during a fight is risky because you lose lots of health and may die before being able to hit a Seal. If you have full health and little Corruption it's your job to pick it up. Also make sure to help and protect the player with the Hammer, since it does poor damage and makes surviving harder.

The biggest priority is to not die with the Hammer. If you die during a fight the Hammer will be on your body which makes it very hard to be picked up. Also people may accidentally pick it up when trying to revive you, so pay attention to your stacks and don't pick it up if you can't make it.

If you somehow lose the hammer, talk with Displaced Agents to get it back. They appear on slopes you climb as you continue the fractal.

If you use a skill that grants you other skills (such as an engineer kit) while wielding the hammer, it may disappear entirely and not reappear during a death reset. Similarly, using consumables which grant you additional skills may have the same effect.

First Seal set / Ankle Seals

Initially there are 4 Fanatics (Dagger). There's no point trying to kill them fast because you need to charge the Hammer (more will spawn though). Try to only kill the Fanatic that the person with the hammer is attacking, while avoiding damaging the others.

When they are dead Fanatic (Dagger) and 2 Fanatics (Dagger) spawn.

When they are dead Fanatic (Dagger) and Fanatic (Dagger) spawn. They keep respawning when both are dead.

Charge the hammer and hit a seal on front with skill 4. Two hits are needed to destroy a seal. Destroy both seals to proceed. Remember to take the hammer with you.

Way to second Seal / Chest Seal

There are more Spike Traps on the way, and on the walls there will be heads blowing air. Getting hit by the gusts of air will cause a launch effect, which will likely lead to your death.

Don't rush in (especially if you are carrying the Hammer). Pay attention to walls and wait for air gusts to go off. Also you can use stability or dodge through. Single blocks are usually effective, however they are not 100% effective as you can be moving slow enough, at the wrong angle, or with unlucky timing and catch two pulses of the air gust from one head and then be launched.

Traps can be disabled by pulling 4 chains on the corridor after them. This is only useful if the last player can't make it past them for some reason. Chains are rarely used because everyone is expected to make past them.

Use Blink to get up and skip whole thing.

Use Lightning Flash to get up and skip whole thing.

Use Infiltrator's Arrow to get up and skip whole thing.

Use "Stand Your Ground!" (Utility) and Aegis to protect everyone.

Use Necrotic Traversal to skip some of it (straight line).

Second Seal / Chest Seal

On the second Seal there are ticking AoEs which deal damage and inflict burning. Don't stand in fire. There are safe-spots between AoEs where you can stack.

Initially there are 3 Fanatics (Dagger) and 2 Fanatics (Shortbow). When they are dead 2 Fanatics (Dagger), 5 Fanatics (Dagger) and Fanatic (Shortbow) start respawning.

Try to make each kill yield a hammer charge in order to avoid fighting against constantly respawning enemies. Of course survivability comes first so kill enemies to reduce pressure if needed.

Endure Pain is useful for hit&run when your team is struggling.

Portal and Mass Invisibility are useful for hit&run when your team is struggling.

Use: Temporal Curtain (traited) , Illusionary Warden and Feedback against Fanatics with Shortbow. You can also use Temporal Curtain to pull enemies in.

Spectral Walk is useful for hit&run when your team is struggling.

Use Spectral Grasp to pull an enemy.

Use Binding Blade to pull enemies.

Use Wall of Reflection and Shield of the Avenger against Fanatics with Shortbow.

Scorpion Wire can pull enemies that are not immediately coming to your team when stacked.

Smoke Screen can provide blinds asgainst melee enemies, and projectile defense against ranged enemies.

Shadowstep is useful for hit&run when your team is struggling.

Third Seal set / Arm Seals

There are two Seals. Hitting a Seal makes it become invulnerable and the other one vulnerable so you have alternate between them.

Initially both seals have a Chanter. When he dies, Chanter and 5 Chanters will start respawning. All Chanters will heal the Seal while they are not attacking.

At lower levels it doesn't matter much what you do. You can for example do a 2-1-2 split where one guy runs between the seals while others kill (keep cycling the roles).

At higher levels you should move together from seal to seal. This makes surviving really easy but is quite slow because Chanters will be able to heal their seal. Focus on recharging the hammer and moving fast to eventually destroy both seals.

You can leave one tanky character at each seal to hold Chanter's aggro. This allows you to destroy them very fast because seals won't get healed at all. However if tanks get killed then you have a high risk of wiping.

Use a 2-1-2 split with a highly mobile runner. Keep one enemy at low health when the runner is approaching to charge the hammer near instantly.

Use Portal to move between seals very fast. Use Continuum Shift to use the portal twice which should be enough to destroy both seals.

Use Spectral Walk and Summon Flesh Wurm to move fast.

Use Well of Darkness to tank Chanters.

Use Shadow Trap and Shadow Step to move fast.

Use Black Powder and Smoke Screen to tank Chanters.

Way to Archdiviner

There are small explosions on the platforms. Proceed slowly and wait for explosions to go off before going in.

Avoid changing utility just for this so you don't have to wait for cooldown.

Traps can be disabled by pulling 4 chains on the corridor after them. This is only useful if the last player can't make it past them for some reason. Chains are rarely used because everyone is expected to make past them.

Use "Stand Your Ground!" to protect everyone.


Archdiviner has 4 phases. Each one lasts 25% of his hp. Phase 1 and 2 are the same. At phase 3, he gets permanent protection, uses more attacks and stops using corrupted ground. At phase 4, he gets permanent swiftness, summons bone fiends and enters demon form (Revenant Mallyx elite skill) on scale 75+.

At the start both Archdiviner is surrounded with 4 Chanters. Focus Chanters to reduce pressure.

His basic melee attack does high damage and knockback so try to stay behind his back. Occasionally he shoots 3 projectiles which pull. These deal lots of damage so try to dodge them. He is immune to control except during special attacks. These attacks are a conic smash and a Corrupted Ground area effect. The window time gets shorter at higher scales. At lower scales you can easily interrupt him but ready to dodge at higher scales.

After scale 25 he teleports to ranged players. It's suggested to stay at melee range to prevent him teleporting all the time so you can kill him at some point. If you are at range for some reason dodge immediately when he teleports to you. If you don't you will take lots of damage.

His AoE attacks teleports you to a cage so dodge it. Getting caged is bad because you will waste of damage getting out and if he teleports to you it's hard to get away. Cages also deal torment.

Projectile attacks also don't that well because of his projectile-blocking wall. After scale 51 the wall reflects so projectile attacks become really dangerous to your team.

After 75% health Archdiviner drops his Hammer, turns invulnerable and is permanently stunned. The Seal goes vulnerable and 4 Chanters spawn around the seal. After some time, 4 Fanatics start to respawn.

At lower levels, enemies disappear when you hit the Seal so just focus one enemy and hit the Seal. At higher levels, enemies stay so try to kill as many as possible before hitting the Seal (if you are slow and Fanatics start to spawn then hit Seal immediately, otherwise you might get overrun).

After 50% health Archdiviner drops his Hammer again so you need to hit the seal. Once he wakes up he gets a permanent protection. Also if the scale is 51 or higher his basic attack gets replaced with Backbreaker which knows down and deals agony.

After 25% health Archdiviner drops his Hammer again so you need to hit the seal. Once he wakes up he gets a permanent swiftness. Also if the scale is 76 or higher he enters Demon Form which probably does something nasty.

Whenever the seal is damaged, Archdiviner gets stunned based on players within 240 range and amount of players in the instance with formula 2 * nearby players * players in instance. Stunning him prevents him from attacking you while you are stunned but prevents you from taking advantage of Exposed.

In an organized group, you can use Earth Elementals or a Guardian (who has some Knight's gear equipped, thus giving them higher toughness than the rest of the party) to take aggro, thus allowing the rest of the team to safely melee the boss from behind.

When beginning the encounter, the use of group stability along with someone running to the archdiviner will prevent any stun from occurring. If you don't want to use group stability, someone can teleport to the archdiviner, thus stunning him at the same time as the whole party is stunned.

At the end use /bow at the Colossus when the Colossus Bows at you to get an achievement.

The hammer may disappear if multiple players try to pick it up at the same time. If this happens you have to reset the fight. To prevent this from happening, don't try to pick up the hammer if you think someone else is going to do it.

Bringing the previous hammer with you won't help much because both hammers disappear when you hit the seal first time.

Use Temporal Curtain to pull chanters together.

Use Feedback to provide projectile defense against chanters.

Use Wall of Reflection and Shield of the Avenger in phase 2 and versus chanter spawns to protect yourself and team mates from projectile attacks.

Use "Retreat!" and Virtue of Courage to protect yourself and team mates from his attacks.

Use Binding Blade to pull chanters together.

Use Signet of Agility to give extra dodges to team mates.

Use an Earth Elemental from Glyph of Elementals to hold boss aggro and allow your team some relative safety from his melee attacks.