Enemies: A plant, a norn and various others.

Time: Night.

Use Sigil of the Night and Sigil of Force.

Video guide [KING].

Current record: 86.


Adrenaline Rush: Enemies become enraged for a time when they're low on health.

Enemies get Enraged buff when below 10% health. The buff increases damage by 200% making most attacks dangerous.

Finish off any low health targets quickly so you don't get bursted down. Consider playing bit more passively against bosses.

Afflicted: Enemies apply random damaging conditions.

If you have trouble, take more condition removal.

Mists Convergence: The Fractals of the Mists are blurring together…

Causes random effects near the players. Effects include the Mossman, Champion Rabbit, Veteran Jade Maw Tentacle, an air strike from Skyhammer and a cannon assault from Mai Trin.


The starting area is a dense, swampy forest. There are 10 passages linking all sections together. 3 are closed at all times and they change randomly every 50 seconds. There are multiple spots where you can just jump over the closed passage. Learning these spots is important so you don't have to rely on luck.

The area is filled with monsters and traps. All enemies respawn so don't bother attacking them. There are 4 types of traps. Dodging doesn't save you from their effects.

1. Red aoe circles (spike traps) appear next to some of the wisps and will apply cripple if you cross them.

2. Wire traps appear mostly at the passages and will apply knockdown.

3. Hunting traps are scattered in various places and will apply immobilize.

4. Spider eggs appear only at the south-eastern wisp and will apply poison and spawn a spider if you touch them.

There are also 2 spots which cause Mossman (Stalk) to appear for 20 seconds. He is quite harmless as long as you keep some distance.

Just in front of the middle passage leading to the 3 wisp clefts are lying Invigorator Rifle Prototypes which you can pick up for 3 skills:

1. Invigorate - Apply swiftness and vigor to yourself and to allies in a cone in front of you. no cooldown.

2. Inundate - Apply cripple to enemies in a cone in front of you. Will put you in combat. No cooldown.

3. Panic button - Applies stability and breaks stun and cripple from you and allies in 425 range around you. 10 sec cooldown.

Observe the area carefully before you make any moves. It's easy to get killed if you constantly trigger traps when being chased by enemies. Wire and hunting traps can be jumped over so the simplest way to move around is to keep jumping. You may still hit some traps so have stunbreaks and condition removal ready.

Go to the marked spot on the map to release 3 wisps. They will get randomly put to 6 pre-defined locations on the area. Your goal is to bring all 3 wisps back to nearby tree stumps before the timer runs out. The timer starts after someone grabs a wisp. The event resets if the timer runs out or someone drops their wisp. This puts all wisps to rerolled starting locations. Dropping a wisp on purpose can be used to roll better starting locations if you have problems.

Time allowed for carrying the wisp changes with the level of the fractal, starting at 1:04sec, capping at 0:30 on higher levels.

When carrying a wisp, your weapon skills disappear and some passages will always close when you get near (scales with level). To counter this, you can jump over walls at many points (only way to reliably do it). Remember to drop off from walls instead of jumping to prevent getting in combat.

Running the wisps

Your party needs to designate 3 players to run with the wisps. This is usually done by just running towards a wisp. The remaining players usually wait at the clefts but if you struggle, ask them for help with condition clearing or controling mobs. It's recommended to practice wisp running whenever you can because it gets harder on higher scales. Start with closer wisps and then on harder one when you get more experienced.

Take mobility, condition removal, healing and stun breaks if you are going to run a wisp. You will lose your weapon skills when grabbing a wisp so the weapon can only be used for prebuffing swiftness and other boons. Don't swap weapons, drop bundles, use any transformations or get downed so you don't lose your wisp.

Don't take your wisp until other runners are near their wisps to give them more time. Keep an eye on the timer in case someone starts it early. This usually happens on lower scales because there is so much extra time. On higher scales you have much less time so ask that everyone is ready and then say "go". It's recommended to let the player at the furthest wisp start the timer so he/she has a bit more time.

Map. The wisp is guarded by Skelks. Stand on any nearby rock while waiting so they can't reach you. You should jump over trees because otherwise you may have to run a very long way which won't work on higher scales.

Practice the first jump couple of times (tell your team wait a bit if needed). Don't jump down so you don't enter combat. After the jump just run forward and pay attention to the ground as there are multiple traps. If the next passage is open just go through. If not, stay calm and jump over. Don't try to run around because other nearby passages will just close before you.

Map. Once you pick the wisp you get attacked by 20 Marsh Mosquitos. They won't deal much damage but if they hit you will get in combat which slows you down.

If the closest passage is closed you should jump over it. Practice couple of times if needed. Alternatively you can ask your team to wait (keep in mind that passages change every 50 seconds). Mossman will probably spawn after the passage. If he does and the next one is closed you should run around (either way is fine) unless you have practiced the jump. After the second passage either turn right or jump over the wall (passages will close).

Alternatively you can immediately turn to right and just follow same way as with The north-west wisp.

Map. Be careful when approaching the wisp as there are multiple traps on the ground. Once you pick it up, binding roots will appear on you every 6 seconds. Keep moving at all times to not get caught (especially during jumps). If you get hit you get will constantly immobilized and may have to use multiple condition removals to get out (you can't attack roots with the wisp).

The closest passage will close when you get near (practice jumping). Alternatively you can just turn right and use the next passage. After that just run forward. If that passage is closed turn right to jump over the wall near the next passage.

Map. Be careful when approaching the wisp as there are multiple traps on the ground. There is one trap directly beneath the wisp. Wait few seconds for it to go off if needed. Be ready to remove conditions if you get hit.

Just run south and jump over the wall if needed (plenty of time so no rush).

Map. The wisp is guarded by a Marsh Drake so either stay back or run to a rock at back wall. Once you grab the wisp, about 12 Marsh Drake Hatchlings appear. Just ignore them and keep moving. If the passage is closed then just keep going and jump over the wall near the next passage.

Map. Be careful when approaching the wisp as there are multiple spider eggs on the ground. When touched they break and 2-3 Spider Hatchlings appear. If you break lots of them you will get killed. You can safely get through if you jump on rocks. You can also wait bit further way and rush in once the countdown starts.

Once you grab the wisp, 7 Marsh Spiders appear. Just ignore them and keep moving. It doesn't really matter if you break eggs at this point (but you can jump on the rocks!). If both the first and the second passage are closed then just keep going and jump over the wall near the next passage.

Use Charge right before taking a wisp for swiftness. Don't use Call to Arms because you may hit something and enter combat.

Take Mending, Balanced Stance, "Shake It Off!", Bull's Charge and Signet of Rage for mobility, condition removal and stun breaks.

Use Portal Entre for a group wide mobility.

Use Mantra of Resolve or Mantra of Recovery (if Mender's Purity-trait) to remove conditions.

Use Mantra of Concentration for stability and stun breaks.

Use "Stand Your Ground!", "Save Yourselves!" and "Retreat!" with Pure of Voice-trait or Soldier-runes for swiftness, stun breaks and condition removal.

Use Judge's Intervention on a critter (to not get in combat) when running a Wisp.

Use Spectral Walk / Summon Flesh Wurm to skip most of the obstacles.

Use Well of Power (works on caster even when not standing inside) and Consume Conditions to clear conditions.

Use Shadowstep and Steal on a critter (to not get in combat) when running a Wisp.

Set a Shadow Trap and use it to teleport back after grabbing the wisp.

Use Super Speed and Rocket Boots for mobility.

Path to Bloomhunger

Right after doing the wisp event, a passage to the main boss will open. Halfway through there is a tripwire following with a warm-up encounter - The Mossman. He has a small amount of hp so you can get rid of him quickly. If you get downed, kill one of the wolves he summons. At 50% he will use a norn transformation, making him more dangerous but at this point he should be almost dead.

Try to predict Mossman's attacks and dodge them. Don't let double-axe charged attack hit you. Make sure projectile defense is active, or he will throw his axe at you in melee range, making it harder to dodge. Be extra careful when fighting norn transformation – it's fast, causes crowd control and damage a lot. As for the wolves, ignore them, they will die to aoe and cleave.

Beware of Mossman teleporting to you to cause a charged double axe attack – it hits hard. If a wolf is chasing you, consider walking to melee range for a while to cleave them down with the rest of the group.


The first thing you're going to see is a firefly with the Spirit Ward buff. Spirit Ward grants immunity to all sources of damage and control.

If you approach it, the firefly will fly to an active wisp cleft and die, which hints at the main mechanic of the fight.

You activate the encounter by interacting with the wisp cleft and placing the wisp in an empty cleft. Then it will automatically move through the other clefts placed in the area (4 clefts encircling the boss spawn point).

When a wisp cleft is activated you get Wisp Vigor (100% endurance regeneration) in it's area, and any monster inside the area will become vulnerable for damage. Outside of an activated wisp cleft, monsters get Spirit Ward and you can't harm them.

When the wisp is about to move on to another cleft, the green aoe indicating an activated cleft will start to pulse and gradually reduce in size. This is the sign to move to the next cleft.

There is a "Spirit Onslaught" phase when boss is at 75% and 50% hp respectively. During that phase Bloomhunger will get a Spirit Ward, cast Poison Rain continously and a lot of trash mobs will be summoned. Remember to rotate the wisp clefts as the bonus mobs get Spirit Ward too. You have to survive the onslaught for 60 seconds.

At higher levels, Bloomhunger will summon oakhearts - you need to make sure to use crowd control to break their breakbar or they will ensnare you and that's the last thing you need near Bloomhunger's furious attacks. Fortunately, breaking oakhearts puts them in a long stun (10 s). Remember to focus damage on boss, not the oakhearts.

At 50% of Bloomhunger's health, Poison Blooms will spawn around the clefts. Much like in Twilight Arbor dungeon, these flowers spread poison around them so make sure to destroy them before you step in.

At 25% hp, Bloomhunger will get a Spirit Ward and focus on a power attack. At the same time there will be no active spirit cleft and you need to split the party to quickly get newly spawned wisps at the far end of the room (behind each main cleft). If you fail, Bloomhunger will use the power attack and if you survive, will continue to focus on another one. On higher levels surviving that power attack is not really possible so run the wisps fast (just remember to clear the Poison Blooms first).

When all wisps are put to their main clefts, Bloomhunger will be broken and exposed for damage. Now all that's left is to finish him (no need to move to clefts anymore).

As for Bloomhunger by itself, it's a very dangerous foe. It's fast and most of it's attacks will knockback or knockdown you.

Poison Rain - Bloomhunger get's a breakbar and shakes it's body, causing a lot of poison aoe projectiles. Watch out for orange circles or use projectile defense.

Poison Attack - Small version of Poison Rain - the boss will do a shout animation and shoot some poison aoes in front of it.

Smash - Strong punch into the ground, will knock you back. Use stability or dodge.

Punch - Quick and frontal version of smash.

Quick Attacks - Bloomhunger continously hits the ground with it's fists, causing a lot of hits around it (watch out for the orange aoe). After some time the orange aoe changes to circles with gaps in between.

Power Attack - happens only at 25% hp phase when you fail to put all 4 wisps to the clefts. Has a long casting time but it will obliterate you so it's best to not let it do it.

Pushback AoE - Bloom will raise it's hand to strike the ground, and the orange circle will tell you when to dodge.

Leap - Bloomhunger leaps to a distant target, causing a knockdown. Watch out for orange circle.

Charge - Used on distant targets as well, knocks back.

Consider using unbound in case your party fails the 25% phase.

Use epidemic to quickly kill trash mobs.

If there's another necro in your party, do a trick called epidemic bouncing – one of you will use epidemic on boss, the other one on a mob (like the champion oakhearts) so the conditions multiply on the boss.

Your staff skill 5 is a dodge, make sure you use it offensively AND defensively.

You can equip a staff if your party is struggling, so you have a 1200 travel skill ready for the 25% phase or moving between clefts.

You can save your teammates from being hit by sharing distortion with them through signet usage (needs a trait).

Upkeep Facet of Chaos for protection.