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Note: These pages are outdated.

If you are interested of dungeon or fractals then you are in a good place. Whether you have just started, have already few runs behind or consider yourself a pro this site should be useful for you.

If you have just started you should keep reading this page as it will contain general information about dungeons or fractals.

If you already know the basics feel free to skip to actual guides or other sections.

If you consider yourself a pro you are probably most interested of the record section and information about boss attacks.

Dungeons and fractals

Both dungeons and fractals are instanced content for groups of 5 players. They are much harder than most stuff you have faced in open world PvE. If you have already tried them you probably noticed how even weakest enemies take you down very easily.

However lots of people consider dungeons very easy which they are when you are properly geared, know the encounters and have some basic information about your profession. Goal of this site is to give you information about the encounters and direct you to the various dungeon and fractal related resources.

For a quick overview you should check out Dungeons and Fractals on the official wiki. For various dungeon and fractal related questions you should check Dungeon Forum FAQ on the official forum. After reading these you should have a general ideal what dungeons and fractals are about.

Learning to play

The first step for smooth dungeon runs is learn to play the game and especially learn your profession. Player called Finder has made a Basic combat guide for this. It tells you how to tweak your settings and explains various game mechanics. Also remember to check out the official wiki for any further information.

There are very good guides for every profession. For links check Meta which include information about efficient playstyle and builds. Of course it's up to you how you are going to use that info.

Gearing up

If you are at below level 80 you should use only green masterwork gear. To stay efficient you need to update your gear often so buying rares or exotics would get very expensive. Either craft or buy your gear from the trading post.

If you are level 80 you should get either level 80 rare or exotic armor depending on your amount of gold. If you have already ran dungeons you can also get gear with dungeon tokens. Weapon has the biggest impact on your efficiency so focus on getting those first.

Since ascended trinkets are account bound you can freely move them between your characters. Check from Wiki if you can get any of them so you don't have to waste gold on exotic trinkets. You may have to eventually replace exotic trinkets because ascended trinkets are needed for higher level of fractals.

Runes for meta builds are used a lot so they are expensive. If you can't afford them consider using alternatives like Ruby Orbs or Runes of Eagle / Hoelbrak.

If you are running damage oriented builds it's an option to replace some pieces with more defensive captain, cavalier, knight, soldier or valkyrie gear. They are not needed but can be useful while learning. However this always wastes your resources (gold) unless you have previously acquired them.

Knowing the encounters

With good general information and proper gear you are more than ready to try dungeons or fractals on your own, especially if you have some friends. However if you want to join experience groups you should at least have a general understanding of the encounters.

For written guides this site should give you to the best results. If you prefer videos you should check out Dungeon guides from Banter Bill and Fractal guides from [KING].

Finding a group

For best results you should start playing with friends or guildies. Dungeons and fractals can be very frustrating in the beginning if you don't end up with nice groups. However more experienced you become, more easily you blend in and can get to smoother runs.

To find a group with strangers open the Looking For Group panel. Depending on time of the day there may be suitable groups available. If not just start your own group with a message like "first time, all welcome, help appreciated".

Lots of groups have some sort of a requirement. It's important to read group descriptions before joining in. If you don't meet their expectations there is a very high risk of getting kicked during the run.

For more info check Dungeon Forum FAQ if you haven't already. Also see Glossary if you need to check any terms.


Official dungeon forums: Best place to get dungeon related advice and help, as long as you stay polite. Also a good place to get in a fight if you are looking for a trouble.

Official profession forums: Consider staying away. It will be hard to detect which answers are good, which PvP/WvW oriented and which just really bad.

GW2 reddit: Usually results in a good advice but your question may get buried really fast under fluff topics.

DnT forums: Good place for high end discussion and theorycrafting. However official dungeon forum is much more active so it's more suitable for questions.

Metabattle: GW2 version of PvX-wiki. Good place to check meta and alternative builds.

Build editor: A site to create and share builds.