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A: Axe.

AC: Ascalonian Catacombs.

AFK: Away from keyboard.

Alt: Alternative. May refer to a lesser used character.

Aggro: Aggro.

AoE: Area of effect. If this site often means red (negative) or white (positive) circles or rectangles.

AP: Achievement. Often used in LFG messages to filter out inexperienced people. Not a very good metric but better than nothing.

Arah: The Ruined City of Arah.

Aura: Ticking PBAoE which follows the caster.

B: Back. Often used in combat to tell party go back / retreat.

Berserker: Gear with Power, Precision and Ferocity attributes. In LFG messages may also mean a high damage build.

Blasting: See Combos. Often refers using a blast finisher on fire, smoke or lighting field to stack might, stealth or swiftness.

Boon: Boon.

Bouncing: Projectile that jumps to nearby targets. These can deal lots of damage if they bounce between two targets.

BRB: Be right back.

Build: Combination of gear, traits and skills.

CC: Control effect or Condition depending on the context.

Channeled: Attack lasts over time and needs to be constantly casted.

CM: Caudecus's Manor.

CoE: Crucible of Eternity.

CoF: Citadel of Flame.

Condition: Condition.

Cone: Cone which often hit 5 targets.

Control: Control effect.

D: Dagger.

Dash: Mobile melee-skill. Single-target by default. May have additional effects before, during or after the dash.

Disc: Banner of Discipline.

DPS: Damage per second. Often refers to high damage builds.

DoT: Damage over time. Often refers to harmful AoEs.

EA: Empower Allies. Often refers to a warrior meta build. See Meta.

Ele: Elementalist.

Eng: Engineer.

Exp: Experienced. Often used in LFG messages. Actually definition varies from player to player. Can be quite easily faked if you pay attention and follow others.

F: Focus or fractal scale (difficulty).

Fb: Feedback.

FGJ: "For Great Justice!".

FotM: Fractals of the Mists.

Glass cannon: Build which focus on maximising damage output.

GS: Greatsword.

Gua: Guardian.

HPS: Healing per second.

Homing: Projectile which follows targets. These can't be avoided by movement.

HoT: Healing over time.

HotW: Honor of the Waves.

ICD: Internal cooldown. Some effects like traits, sigils or runes have an internal cooldown. After triggering there is a certain amount of time which has to pass before they can trigger again.

Leap: Mobile melee-skill. Single-target by default. May have additional effects before, during or after the leap.

LFG: See Looking For Group. An in-game tool which can be used to find party members. Please read and respect party requirements!

Kiting: See Combat. Refers to moving away from enemies to reduce damage taken.

LoS: Line of Sight. By running behind a corner you can force ranged enemies come close to you.

Lvl: Level. In dungeons this means a level requirement. In fractal his means a fractal scale requirement.

Main: May refer to the most used character.

Melee: Short cone which hits 1-3 targets.

Mes: Mesmer.

Meta: Currently used effective builds. Often used in LFG messages to require a meta build.

MM: Minion master, a necromancer build.

Nec: Necromancer.

NPC: Non-player character. Often refers to in-game allies.

Numbered attacks: Attacks-chained are listed with increased numbers (like Chop (1), Double Chop (2)). Often enemies continue chain if previous attack hits, in some cases they keep going regardless of success.

P#: Path for a dungeon. For example P1 is the first explorable path.

Pathing: Some enemies get a scripted order "Move to target" or "Move to location". "Move to target" ignores stealth which causes problems. See Other for more info.

PBAoE: Point blank area of effect. AoE which is centered at the caster.

Ping: Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click can be used to print (ping) items and skills on the chat. Often used in LFG messages to require everyone to ping their gear on the chat.

Projectile: Ranged attack which gets affected by anti-projectile skills. Projectiles have various travel times. Zig-zagging/side-stepping can be used to avoid slower ones. Requires line of sight.

PS: Phalanx Strength. Often refers to a warrior meta build. See Meta.

PUG: Pick up group. A group of random players.

Pull: See Combat. Attacking enemies makes them follow you which can be used to move them to a better location.

R: Ready.

Rang: Ranger.

Ranged: Ranged attack which doesn't get affected by anti-projectile skills. Usually instant travel time. Requires line of sight.

Res: Revive/resurrection. Used by dead people.

Returning: Projectile which returns back after reaching certain range.

Stacking: See Combat. Staying near each other. When staying together you share boons and can revive downed players fast.

S: Sword, Scepter, Staff, Shield or dungeon story mode depending on the context.

Sc: Scepter.

SE: Sorrow's Embrace.

Sh: Shield.

Spec: Combination of gear, traits and skills.

SR: Shadow Refuge.

St: Staff.

Str: Banner of Strength.

Sw: Sword.

TA: Twilight Arbor.

Tank: A build with high passive defence but low damage.

Tanking: Getting hit by easily avoidable attacks.

Ticking: AoE or effect which hits over time.

Trap: AoE which triggers when walked on.

Trash: Weaker enemies between or during the boss fights. Often skipped and ignored.

War: Warrior.

WB: Battle Standard.

WH: Warhorn.

WoR: Wall of Reflection.

WP: Waypoint. Often used to tell dead people to resurrect at a nearby waypoint.

Zerg: Huge amount of something (like players). People often use this when they meant Zerk.

Zerk: See Berserker.