Twilight Arbor Story

Level: 50.

Reward: 0.26 g.

Average length: 26 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy.

Enemies: Nightmare Court.

Time: Night.

Use Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying or Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies, Sigil of the Night and Sigil of Force.


Current record: 9.

Use Sigil of Dreams instead of Force.

First run per character gives a level 50 rare head armor.

First run per day gives 26 silvers.


Pod Area

2 Recluses spawn right before the first door. After them there are 2 more Recluses, 12 Spider Hatchlings and 5 Sylvari Prisoners.

Prisoners can be rescued by activating their pod. There is a high chance (~50%) that they are already corrupted which makes a random Nightmare Court Initiate appear. If they are not corrupt, they will give you a buff which heals you right before you get downed.

Unfortunately you shouldn't save any prisoners because most of them are corrupted and the gained buff is neglible. If you want to save them, do it after all other enemies are dead so you won't get overrun.

After the area there is a Duelist and a Sorcerer. After them there is an Archer, a Knight and a Sylvari Prisoner. At end of the corridor there are 3 Spell Blossoms and 2 Archers (Stable).

After them there are 4 Volatile Blossoms. They are traps which will kill you fast if you stand on them. Use ranged multitarget attacks to clear them in few hits. Keep in mind that Blossoms will respawn after a short time so don't wait near them.

After blossoms, Undergrowth Spider Queen will spawn so wait for others right after blossoms.

Just run through.

Watch out for the 2 spawning Undergrowth Recluses. Stack a short stealth with a Black Powder and 3 Cluster Bombs before you trigger them. At the big area, stack a longer stealth with a Smoke Screen and 6 Cluster Bombs.

Stack more stealth after first nightmare court enemies with a Black Powder and 3 Cluster Bombs. If no one helps with blasting, use also Blinding Powder. The stealth should last almost to end which is enough to get everyone through.

Take also Shadow Refuge so you can use it for stealth if people aggro enemies. It's possible to stand between enemy groups even Without stealth if you need to wait for cooldowns.


Undergrowth Spider Queen

Watch out for nearby Volatile Blossoms on the area. 4 Spider Hatchlings constantly respawn on the area. Use area attacks to bring them down while attacking Queen.

Stay at range to avoid her melee Bite. She may occasionally leap towards you. Just move away from her if that happens.

Pay attention when she is glowing. She will shoot projectiles which immobilize for a long time so focus on blocking or evading them.

Take party wide condition removal to help or anyone else who gets hit by the immobilize attack.

If you get downed, rally off from a Hatchling or Blossom.

Watch out for nearby Volatile Blossoms on the area. 4 Spider Hatchlings constantly respawn on the area. Use cleaving attacks to bring them down while attacking the Queen.

Stay behind her back so you know when she is going to attack you. Try to block or evade her melee attack.

Be ready to dodge when she glows. She will shoot 3 projectiles in a cone each immobilize for a long time. At close range you may get hit by all of them and take lots of damage.

Take 1-2 condition removals to remove immobilize if you get hit. Also remove weakness from her melee Bite if possible.

If you get downed, rally off from a Hatchling or Blossom.

Pistol Whip with Invigorating Precision and Signet of Malice allows you to solo her easily. Use Smoke Screen to reduce pressure if you get low health.


Spell Blossoms

After Undergrowth Spider Queen, there are 4 Volatile Blossoms, a Archer and a Sylvari Prisoner.

After them, there is a random Nightmare Court, 6 Spell Blossoms and lots of Volatile Blossoms.

If the random enemy is a Knight, pull him back to kill him safely. Otherwise just go in and destroy everything. Once Spell Blossoms are destroyed, Volatile Blossoms stop respawning.

At the tunnel, there is a Hound and 4 Pups. Focus on Hound as Pups will die very quickly. After them you will face Sariel in a room with 3 Sylvari Prisoners.



Keep her crippled and kite. Dodge when she dashes towards you. When she gets close, just jump down from ledges to create some distance.

She hits pretty hard so try to avoid damage by staying behind her back. Stay at max-melee range to give you more time dodge when she dashes towards you.

She can be safespotted by standing on A ledge. Her dash will still hit you but can be easily healed.


Lake of Fear (after water tunnel)

After Sariel there is a tunnel of water with 7 Barracudas. They are harmless and can be killed for experience. After tunnel, there is a huge area with lots of enemies. Don't aimlessly wander around or you will get yourself killed.

There are 4 Archers (Stable) and 2 Sylvari Prisoners near the entrance. On the right there are 2 Hounds and 6 Pups. On the left there are 2 Cultists, 1 Sorcerer and few Volatile Blossoms.

In the middle there is an inactive Spell Blossom and 4 Volatile Blossoms. On the far left there are 4 Hounds, 4 ianctive Spell Blossoms and lots of Volatile Blossoms. At the end there is a Sorcerer, an Archer and 2 Sylvari Prisoners.

Kill the archers at the entrance so you can observe the area without any disturbance. Move straight forward through the water towards the archer and the sorcerer and kill them. After that Caithe needs 3 items to build a bridge. At this point Spell Blossoms also activate.

Look at the map and go together while avoiding unnecessary enemies. The spring water is guarded by Hounds and Pups. The bundle of seeds is guarded by an Archer (Stable). The third item can be acquired by killing Mutated Fish. He is located in a water with about Barracudas.

Once you get the items, head back to Caithe and wait for him to build the bridge so you can take cre of Brangoire.

Run through everything. Split up to complete the tasks faster. You will generally want 3-4 players to take on the Mutated Fish, while the others deal with the Hounds and Archer.

Run through everything. Split up to complete the tasks faster. You will generally want 3-4 players to take on the Mutated Fish, while the others deal with the Hounds and Archer.

Stack stealth before the water tunnel so people won't get combat with Barracudas. Use a Smoke Screen with 6 Cluster Bombs. After tunnel stack bit more stealth with Black Powder and Cluster Bomb if needed.

When gathering ingredients you can get the spring water very fast with Shadowstep, Signet of Shadows, Infiltrator's Arrow and Hide in Shadows. Don't use Shadowstep too early so it won't run out before you ge the water.

Mutated Fish

He has only melee attacks so just keep kiting.

He attacks frequently but won't deal much damage. With some sustain you should be able to tank him.

Try to aggro him first to hopefully make him attack you. Nine-Tailed Strike allows you block most of his attacks while dealing lots of damage. Use one Stab between every Strike.

Manage your initiative with Steal and Infiltrator's Signet.



He summons lots of Living Nightmares which explode as a poison gas. Stay mobile so you don't caught in it.

He summons lots of Living Nightmares which explode as a poison gas. Circle him at max-melee range so you will avoid most damage. Bring lots of damage to kill Nightmare before they get close.

Dodge when he jumps in the air to evade his Terrifying Blast. Getting feared may cause lots of damage if you move towards Nightmare. Get a stun break just in case.

Reviving is extremely hard so don't get downed.



He reflects projectiles so pay attention. Occasionally he morphs someone into a cat. Kill a Pup to break the transform.



You need to throw 4 Volatile Essences at the Husk to make it vulnerable. To get essences, you have to open pods, kill the Volatile Nightmare inside of them and throw their essence.

Open pods one by one to avoid getting overrun. Nightmares can stack serious area Bleeding which can easily kill you, and as such it is a good idea to bring condition removal.

The husk is a melee attacker with plenty of launches. Try avoid all of it's attacks and get a stun break if you get in trouble. Group stability such as Hallowed Ground is extremely useful.


Faolain and the clones

You have to kill 4 clones. Eir, Zojja, Rytlock and Logan. Once one is dead Faolain teleports in and attempts to resurrect them. You must either damage her enough (safer) or kill another clone (if any is low) in order to break her resurrection attempt.

Once resurrection fails that clone won't be resurrected even if you wipe so focusing is extremely important.

Eir is most deadly so focus her first. Zojja should be second as she is also a ranged attacker.

Rytlock And Logan can easily be kited as they are melee attackers. If someone has their focus they can just run around the area.