Ghostly side events

WORK IN PROGRESS! Lots of guessing and incomplete data. Proper version will take a while because I'm really busy with IRL stuff. If you wish to help please let me know.

Closing the rifts

Kill the enemies to launch the event. Initial enemies are very easy to kill but try to learn their attacks for later.

The goal of the event is to close enough rifts before the timer runs out. Rifts can be closed by having players near them. If not closed within 20? seconds they explode dealing lethal damage in a huge area, Initially there will be only one rift but after a while there will be two rifts at the same time.

Enemies constantly respawn at the area so you don't have to kill them. Focus on closing the rifts and kill weaker whenever possible to reduce pressure. Keep in mind that there are two rifts so move to the other one if most people are in the other one.

If you have trouble split your squad to 2 groups and take care of different rifts. Additionally you can equip tanky gear to handle the pressure.

Take Battle Standard and Defiant Stance. Use Defiant Stance if you get in a bad spot to get in full health and Battle Standard to save people who get downed in a bad spot.

Additionally both Defiant Stance and Dead or Alive allow you to survive a rift explosion. You can then use Battle Standard to recover the situation. Also if you get downed, use Vengeance as soon as possible if you have Battle Standard ready.

The escape

First clear some enemies to proceed. After them when you get on a balcony/ledge, don't jump down! Jumping down starts the next event and you will fail if people aren't ready.

The event is about escaping angry spirits. Instead of a timer there will be big AoE moving slowly towards which will kill you instantly. You must destroy barriers and close rifts fast enough before it gets to you. Additionally enemies are appearing to slow you down.

Commander should do a ready check before jumping down. While it's on quickly stack some swiftness and be ready to jump down when the squad is ready.

The first barrier has 1 rift. Your ranged group should close it because they can simultaneously attack the barrier. Focus the barrier while ignoring the enemies. The second barrier has two rifts. Ranged group should close the first one while melee group closes the second one. Melee can attack the barrier by turning their character sideways for a slightly longer range.

Use area stability, control or blind right before the barrier breaks. There is a canyon right after the barrier and enemies may kick players down. Also don't rush in when the barrier breaks or you will fall down there on your own. There isn't a big rush so spend few seconds to ensure you can take the glide safely.

The last barrier has 3? rifts. The ranged group closes two of them and the melee group one of them. The order probably? doesn't really matter. Then destroy the last barrier to end the event.

The graveyard

First clear some enemies to proceed. After them you need to have someone standing on every hidden pressure plate to open the gate.

Some enemies respawn at the area. Just ignore them unless they become a problem.